Fruteiro’s tropical pulp can be enjoyed in countless variations: with just water and possibly some sugar, in order to appreciate the pure taste of the fresh fruit, or with milk to get a smoother drink.

Verify here for each fruit the recommended combinations water/milk. But this is just the beginning! Take a look at the recipes of our Smoothies of tropical fruit pulp with water or milk and other ingredients (fresh fruit, honey, spices), all harmoniously blended in a tasty and healthy drink.

You’ll find our original recipes, derived from the experience in our Juice Bars, as well as several Brazilian “classics”. But there is no limit to imagination and, while we commit ourselves to keep on developing new ones, we encourage you to propose yours, by writing to us or asking for them in our juice bars.

Recommendations for simple smoothies

  Açaí Acerola Cajá Caju Graviola Guava Lime Mango Maracujá Papaya Pineapple
Sugar *        

* A bit of sugar is pleasant in almost all preparations. Reported cases are those in which it is strongly recommended.


All the recipes for Smoothies